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Christian Historian: Retirement Is Not A Biblical Concept (Video)

Christian historian David Barton claimed on July 6 that retirement is not allowed per the Bible.

Barton made his assertion on televangelist Kenneth Copeland's "Believer's Voice of Victory" TV show, noted (video below).

Barton stated:

"Retirement is not a biblical concept ... That is a pagan concept that comes from the Babylonian system. If you want to live in Egypt, you want to live in Babylon, great, retire. God’s people, that is not a model, so we can talk about that.

"But one of the great indications that something is not part of what God wants is the fruit that accompanies it. And one of the things that I’ve always believed is Deuteronomy 6:24 where He says, 'Everything I tell you is for your benefit, that you can enjoy a long life, that you can prosper,' and so if we see something in the way of statistics or science that shows that we don’t have a long life, that will diminish our life, then we know that’s not part of what God wanted us to do."

Deuteronomy 6:24 makes no mention of retirement and was specifically written to Jewish people during Biblical times, not Americans in the present day. The Bible is silent on the topic of retirement.

Barton claimed some unidentified insurance actuaries showed that people die 2.4 years after they retire. Barton then equated retirement with "doing nothing," even though many people are active during their retirement.

Barton later added:

"God did not design us for retirement. He did not design us to quit being productive, and when you start doing things that go contrary to what He designed us for, it always gets bad results. And so the statistics are there that God did not design us for retirement."

Barton has made numerousbizarreclaimsin the past, and his book "Jefferson Lies" about Thomas Jefferson was pulled by the publisher for historical accuracy problems.

Sources:, BibleGateway
Image Credit: YouTube


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