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Christian Clerk Claims That Issuing Gay Marriage Licenses Violates His Rights (Video)

Casey Davis, a clerk in Casey County, Kentucky, made news last week when he refused to issue licenses for same-sex marriages (video below).

Even after meeting with Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky last week, who insisted that Davis do his job or quit, Davis said he would not issue the licenses or resign from his job.

Davis claimed his religious freedom was being violated during an appearance on the Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” radio program on Monday, notes

Davis stated:

"The issue I think is in a large part, not that they can't get it somewhere else, is just that they want to get it from me. And there's where that I believe that I'm being violated.

"In that, it’s not just me being violated but it’s both side of the coin, both sides of this issue that’s at stake here, and that is our First Amendment rights; that we have religious freedom in this country, if we lose that we’ve lost everything."

According to ThinkProgress and "religious liberty" was also used by segregationists during the days of Jim Crow to deny black people service and to lynch African-Americans.

Same-sex marriage opponents have dismissed those comparisons, and some states are passing "religious freedom" bills protect Christian businesses from being forced to serve gay people or gay-themed events, noted Time in April.

Sources:,ThinkProgress,, TIME  / Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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