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Christian Activist: America's Enemies Are 'Happy' U.S. Is Ending Ban On Transgender In Military (Video)

Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins claimed on his radio show "Washington Watch" this week that the news of transgender troops in the U.S. military should make America's enemies happy (video below).

Perkins was upset because U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced on Monday that the Pentagon's ban against transgender service members was outdated.

Carter said that a six-month study was being ordered to find out if changing the rule would cause any problems in the U.S. military and to determine the best way to transition in transgender troops, noted the Associated Press.

Perkins made his comments during a conversation with Jerry Boykin, the FRC's executive vice president, notes

Boykin said that people with childhood and exercised-induced asthma could not serve in the military, and added, "But if you're confused about your identity, which is a clear emotional and mental issue, you can serve in the military now. This is insane, Tony."

Perkins claimed there would be a readiness problem because transgender soldiers would be getting hormone therapies and/or sex-reassignment surgery.

Perkins and Boykin then complained about the government paying for the surgery.

Later in the conversation, Boykin stated:

What do you think our adversaries are thinking as they look at us and all of the stuff that we’re doing? We’re putting women in infantry units. What do you think they think of us?

What is their impression of us? I think they believe we’re a bunch of clowns that have lost our way, we don’t know where we’re going or what we’re going to do when we get there.

And I think that they see exactly what’s happening in this country that we’ve lost our focus on fighting and winning wars and protecting the nation and now we are all about appealing to special interest groups, that’s what it is about.

Perkins replied, “I think they are very happy with what they see ... not the allies ... our enemies are, because this degrades our military effectiveness and readiness.”

Sources: Associated Press, / Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Family Research Council


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