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Bowling Alley Posts Religious Message Opposing Gay Marriage Ruling (Video)

A pro-religious message slamming the U.S. Supreme Court for legalizing gay marriage was recently placed on a sign at the Town and Country Lanes bowling alley in Keizer, Oregon.

The sign stated: "Judges making decisions contrary to the word of God will they themselves be judged."

The bowling alley's owner Don Lebold put the message up because he believes same-sex marriage is wrong based upon his religious beliefs, reports KATU (video below).

However, there was outrage from customers and employees of the bowling alley, and Lebold took the message down.

A new message put up on Wednesday states: "Thank you for voting T&C Lanes best in the Valley every year."

Lebold told KATU:

My statement might have been more, may be stronger than I should have put, but I'm not a sugar-coater. And I truly am not trying to offend anyone. I'm just so concerned about where our nation is headed and the ungodly decisions that are being made and our nation is just going down hill and we're going to be judged for it. If we don't start turning back to God, we're going to be in deep trouble.

Today, Lebold wrote on the bowling alley's Facebook page:

I am sorry that my reader board message was wrongly interpreted by some of the public. My message was not meant to be interpreted as a bias against anyone but was my reaction to years of decisions made against biblical values.

God's Word is the standard by which I live and when decisions have continually been made against the Word of God, I decided to voice what I believe. I love all people of all religions, races and beliefs. I meant no offense to anyone.

My wife, Ann, and I have owned Town & Country Lanes for over 47 years and I have never been accused of discrimination against anyone. Because I disagree with someone's opinions or lifestyle doesn't mean that I don't love and respect that person.

The responses by Facebook users were mixed with some applauding, others slamming. The posting has more than 100 "likes."

Sources: KATU, Facebook
Image Credit: KATU Screenshot


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