Billy Graham’s Daughter: Terrorist Attacks Are God’s Wake-Up Call For America (Video)

Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's daughter, recently claimed that tornadoes and terrorist attacks were God's wake-up calls for America.

Lotz made her claims on Jan Markell's Christian radio show last week, noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

Lotz stated:

God sends us wake-up calls. That's why He allows the terrorists to strike or a tornado to rip through our city, or, because, for whatever reason, we don’t seem to give him our attention until we’re desperate. And, so, if we don’t give him our attention then he’s going to allow things to happen to make us more and more desperate until we do cry out. My concern is I don't want us to get past that tipping point.

To back her claims, Lotz cited a verse in the Book of Joel, which was addressed to Israel, but never mentions the United States.

Lotz claimed that humans can somehow push God beyond His patience.

Later in the program, Lotz cited three events that could push America pass the tipping point: an upcoming decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage, abandoning Israel and abortion.

Lotz didn't mention other countries that have legalized gay marriage, abortion and don't support Israel, but have not suffered terrorist attacks.

Lotz's brother, Rev. Franklin Graham, announced last week that he was moving the bank account of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association from Wells Fargo to BB&T.

Graham said he was doing so because Wells Fargo supported a gay agenda, but it was soon revealed that a BB&T bank in Miami has also supported gay rights.

In response, Graham wrote in an op-ed in USA TODAY:

It is true that a local BB&T branch in the Miami area hosted a fundraiser for a program called Legacy Couples, which recognizes same-sex couples who have been in committed relationships for 10 years or more, but the bank did not promote this program through a national advertising campaign (or we would still be looking for another bank).

...I think there is a difference between being friendly and being a public advocate. By staying at Wells Fargo, we would not only be associating with the promotion of a lifestyle we believe to be wrong, we also would actually be helping to pay for the advertisements by virtue of banking with them — because a bank has no money to advertise with other than the money its customers place in its trust and the interest earned on that money. We simply chose not to continue doing business with a bank that is promoting something that violates our conscience and beliefs.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org, USA TODAY
Image Credit: AnGeL Ministries


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