Relatives Sentenced To Prison For Gouging 5-Year-Old Boy's Eyes Out


A 5-year-old Mexican boy was hospitalized after his eyes were gouged out by his mother with a spoon during a satanic ritual to bring about the end of the world, authorities said.

Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios’ mother, grandparents, two uncles and an aunt were sentenced today to 30 years each for the May 2012 attack.

Alvarado Rios, now 7, was allegedly told to close his eyes out of respect while his family danced in a circle around him while they called on Satan to reveal himself. The boy was too scared to do so. That’s when his mother, Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios, grabbed a spoon and gouged his eyes out.

The family allegedly believed the ritual would bring them closer to Satan who would claim them as their own and save them from a catastrophic earthquake, the Daily Mail reported.

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The family was discovered when neighbors heard chanting and screaming from their Nezahualcoyotl home and came to investigate.

“We could hear screaming and we were banging on the door but nobody was answering, then a police patrol came past and one of the women who was with us ran into the road to flag it down, and officers forced their way inside,” neighbor Joaquin Arguello told the court.

Arguello said he had believed they were a deeply religious Christian family.

Alvarado Rios now has two glass eyes.

Sources: Daily Mail, Georgia Newsday

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / jason wilson,


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