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Video: Michael Moore Claims "President Obama’s B.S." Cost Him 2010 Vote

During a speech at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue in New York City on Tuesday (video below), filmmaker Michael Moore said that young voters did not turn out for 2010 election because “they don’t suffer fools” and “because they don’t take bullshit.”

“You promise them something, you’d better do it, or they’re going to call you on it. They don’t like hypocrites. They don’t like somebody who doesn’t follow through.”

“We need young people and their rebellion and their ability not to go along with B.S. And they weren’t going to go along with President Obama’s B.S. He let them down, they stayed home. He wants to keep letting them down for the next year? They’ll stay home.”

Moore said Obama’s problem was not liberals like himself, who would still vote for Obama. The problem was that liberals wouldn’t be able to convince others to turn out for the 2012 elections because Obama did not clean up George W. Bush’s mess.


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