Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Says Obamacare 'Costing a Fortune'


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford criticized Obamacare during an appearance on a Washington D.C. sports radio show Thursday.

Ford said he doesn’t believe in public-funded health care because taxpayers must pay for it. According to Ford, even Canadians can’t afford the current health care, known as OHIP.

“I think people are taxed to death,” Ford said, “and I just don’t see how the people are going to be able to afford it, to tell you the truth.”

Ford added that while he likes Obama, he doesn’t like the president’s politics.

The mayor was also asked about a recent police report, which said that Ford offered $5,000 and a car in exchange for a video of him smoking crack.

"No. 1, that’s an outright lie," Ford said. "And No. 2, you can talk to my lawyers about it.”

Ford then insisted that he was on air to talk sports, not politics.

Finally, the conversation moved to sports, and Ford expressed his view on changing the Washington Redskins' team name. He argued that Obama’s need to change the name was unnecessary, and that only the franchise owner should have a say in the change.

Sources: The Hill, Politico


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