Some Texas Officials Refusing To Perform Weddings Because Of Supreme Court Ruling (Video)

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Some Texas officials are refusing to perform any marriages because the June 26 Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage (video below).

Smith County Justice of the Peace James Meredith said in a written statement to KLTV: "I will no longer perform weddings after I conduct the few weddings I already had scheduled before the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling."

Titus County Justice of the Peace Paula Dyke said in a similar statement: "I have decided to immediately stop performing ALL marriage ceremonies. God Bless America, and America Bless God!"

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton claimed in a June 28 opinion that state officials are not required to perform weddings.

In Jefferson County, Texas, several judges informed 12News they are refusing to perform weddings.

Those officials reportedly include: Judges Nancy Beaulieu, Ken Dollinger, Brad Burnett and Ray Chesson.

Justice of the Peace Tom Gillam told 12News that he has pre-scheduled weddings, but would stop after those are completed.

Sources: KLTV, 12News
Image Credit: KLTV Screenshot


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