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Sen. Ted Cruz Claims Chattanooga Shooting Is 'An Act of War'

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas called the shooting on Thursday in Chattanooga, Tennessee, an "act of war" and claimed that the shooter was not acting as a "lone gunman" because of social media.

Cruz said in a statement on his website:

Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez was there to carry out jihad, an act of radical Islamic terrorism. An act of war, in which those four brave Marines lost their lives, while at least two others were wounded.

In the wake of this vicious attack on our nation we need to rid ourselves of two dangerous delusions, first and foremost that a "lone gunman"–as President Obama described the shooter–is somehow isolated from the larger threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

In the modern world, no one acts in isolation. Through social media ISIS, al Qaida, and other groups are infiltrating our nation with impunity while our government will not even admit that radical Islamic terrorism is a problem.

Cruz didn't offer any evidence that Abdulazeez was working with any group, movement or nation.

Cruz also called for "enlisted men and women to have the right to be armed in military facilities."

However. CNN reported that Abdulazeez was armed with an AK-47 and 30-round magazines, which enabled him to keep police at bay for awhile.

Cruz said that Congress needed to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act to stop Americans from training with terrorist groups outside the U.S., which is already illegal, and returning to the U.S. to attack Americans, which is also already illegal.

Fusion notes that the Expatriate Terrorist Act, co-sponsored by Cruz, would authorize the U.S. government to strip someone's American citizenship away if they supported groups designated as terrorists by the U.S. government without a jury trial and would allow secret evidence to be introduced against a defendant.

The conservative National Review called the Expatriate Terrorist Act "unconstitutional and unnecessary, the latest in a sad line of civil-liberties infringements..."

Sources:, Fusion, National Review, CNN / Image Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia


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