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Sen. Marco Rubio Lectures On Freedom As Immigration Activists Are Dragged Away (Video)

Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, who is running for president in 2016, was interrupted today by immigration activists in Washington D.C. while he was giving a speech.

One protester repeatedly yelled, "Protect DAPA! Implement DACA!” as people in the audience angrily booed him (video below).

Rubio was speaking at the Road to the Majority conference, which was sponsored by the Christian-based Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Politico notes that DACA is "President Barack Obama’s executive action permitting immigrants who came to the country as children to remain without fear of deportation."

As the protesters were being forcibly dragged out of the room by security guards, Rubio lectured on how much freedom they have in the U.S.

According to Campus Reform, Rubio said:

I hope you never take that for granted by the way. If you do that in another country, you would be in jail tonight. If you do that in another country, your family's house could be raided, your businesses can be closed and in America people have the right to interrupt speeches, they have a right to be rude, they have a right to be wrong. We live in a free society.

One of the attendees yelled out, "How much did they pay them to do that?"

Sources: Campus Reform, Politico
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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