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Rep. Pete Olson Claims Confederate Flag Belonged To Democrats, Demands Apology (Video)

Republican Rep. Pete Olson of Texas claimed last week that the Confederate flag belonged to the Democratic Party, and that present-day Democrats should shut up and apologize for their ancestors' actions of 150 years ago.

Olson made his comments on the Sam Malone's radio show, notes (video below).

Olson stated:

The Democrats have no standing whatsoever to talk about that flag because that was the flag of their party during the Civil War, that was their battle flag, not our battle flag, our battle flag was the stars and stripes with President Lincoln. They have no credibility. Just shut up. Apologize now.

Olson got upset in 2014 when he called for people to pray on Twitter after the shooting in Fort Hood, but a fellow Twitter user told him that prayer was not needed, but rather for cowardly congressmen to stand against the NRA and the gun industry.

Olson went on Newsmax (video below) and said how he was experiencing a "heavy heart" and "deep anger" due to the "cold, heartless liberal" who tweeted, noted (video below).

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Image Credit: United States Congress


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