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President Of Oath Keepers: Obama Wants To Divide, Conquer U.S. (Video)

Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers, told the New York Chapter of the organization last month to gather up food because of the U.S. government's plan to impose martial law.

Rhodes warned his members that martial law would be imposed by President Obama as part of a series of orchestrated events: Race war in the U.S., terrorist attacks by ISIS, undocumented immigration and a financial meltdown, reports (video below).

Rhodes said:

Obama is not [an] unifier. He is the most divisive president this country has ever seen and he is doing it intentionally. He would love nothing better than to see a race war. He would love to see that, and that’s what I think he’s trying to do.

Rhodes provided no proof of his claim, but then recalled Hurricane Katrina under President Bush when New Orleans was placed under martial law (amid widespread looting and lawlessness).

I think that’s the intent. I think the intent is to collapse our economy, make it as bad as possible. That’s why they’re not preparing to feed you. What are they preparing to do? What are they stocking up on? MRAPs, ammunition. They’re preparing to control you, not feed you.

Rhodes didn't mention that SNAP, a government food program, actually expanded under President Obama, who also signed a Wall Street bailout (TARP) and a stimulus plan to help pull the country out of the Wall Street collapse in 2008.

I think that in keeping with that communist agenda of a fourth-generation warfare assault. The intent is to use an economic neutron bomb, doesn’t destroy the buildings, but it kills the people eventually, starves you out, cause chaos.

In the middle of all that chaos, spark a race war, and in the middle of that, unleash these ISIS cells that are now all over the country. And they don’t just ignore the influx of these cells, they cultivate it, they give them fertilizer, water and fresh air and make them grow.

There have not been any legitimate news reports of ISIS cells in the U.S. or that the U.S. government is cultivating such cells.

Rhodes then complained about immigrants supposedly refusing to assimilate in the U.S. He also warned about leftists and Islamists who allegedly hate Western civilization.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Oath Keepers is a group that "encourages police officers and soldiers to disobey orders that may be unconstitutional, has long contended that it is about nothing more than protecting Americans' freedoms."

Sources:, Southern Poverty Law Center
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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