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North Dakota Republican: Gay Marriage Ruling Is Victory For The Mentally Ill (Video)

Many conservatives and Republicans have reacted negatively to the same-sex marriage ruling made by the U.S. Supreme Court on June 26, but North Dakota State Rep. Dwight Kiefert may have taken his opposition too far.

Kiefert, a Republican, reportedly wrote on Facebook on June 26: "Yea, gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. Great victory for the METALLY (sic) ILL!!!!!"

Kiefert said on June 29 that he is not a doctor, but believes homosexuality is likely a mental illness, notes the Grand Forks Herald.

Kiefert claimed he wrote the sarcastic Facebook post while feeling "disgusted" over the high court's ruling.

"I don't think that it's normal. You can't reproduce. I mean, a man and a woman is what it takes to make a child," Kiefert said.

Many heterosexual couples cannot reproduce either because of fertility issues or choose not to have children, but Kiefert didn't mention them.

Republican North Dakota House Majority Leader Al Carlson tried to distance his party from Kiefert, "Dwight speaks for himself. He has a lot of strong opinions."

Kiefert also wrote in his Facebook posting that gay people, "were taken off the mentally ill list in 1973" and added, "I'll give you a clue, not because of any study or research," and "Google it!!"

Although Kiefert made a public posting on Facebook, he claimed it was not a "public statement," but wanted people to look into the issue.

He also admitted that his opposition was based on his religious beliefs.

"The bottom line is: Through my faith, I have to oppose it," Kiefert added.

In February, Kiefert was one of several Republicans who canceled an invocation on Ash Wednesday that was to be given by a Muslim, KFGO noted.

Kiefert said at the time:

"What you are actually asking (Christians) to do is to break with the Ten Commandments, to actually sin and partake in a prayer they don’t believe in. So we just suggested that maybe this wouldn’t be a good day to do this. They should probably have somebody from the Christian faith and do the Muslim prayer a different day."

Apparently, Kiefert's Christian beliefs support guns as he proposed a bill in 2013 to allow firearms to be (concealed) carried on campuses, noted the political (video below).

Sources: Grand Forks Herald, KFGO,
Image Credit: Screenshot


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