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New Scathing Tell-All Book About Rep. Michele Bachmann

There have been several articles and books written about former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's reportedly demanding ways, but a new tell-all book written about Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) makes Palin look tame.

“Bachmannnistan: Behind the Lines, a Report From the Inside“ was released earlier this week on

The book was written by John Gilmore and Peter Waldron, who was a staff member during Rep. Bachmann’s failed presidential campaign in 2012.

The book describes Rep. Bachmann as being “hard as nails, vicious, self-centered, phony, in it for herself.”

According to, the book states that Rep. Bachmann, who claims to be a Christian,  "fired a staffer with seven children, the eighth on the way, on Christmas Eve.”

Andy Parrish, Rep. Bachmann's former chief of staff, worried about “her reliance on World Net Daily, which he thought just a little too tin foil hat, even for him.”

Many of Rep. Bachmann's campaign workers claimed they never got paid, but the book says the Congresswoman still asked them to sign nondisclosure agreements that “came well after the work was performed, were never an original term or condition of employment and the signing of them the only fast and ready way to be paid, without interest of course.”

Probably the strangest part is when Rep. Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, allegedly created a test for her to do in order to decide if she should run for president.

The book states: “He instructed her to get off of their bed and go to the full-length mirror in the bedroom. ‘If you can look at yourself and say it, then you are ready to run and you should,’ he explained. She listened, nodding internally and then got off the bed. Traversing the bedroom, she stood in front of the mirror. Said Michele Bachmann, looking at herself: ‘I am President of the United States of America.’”

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