Navy Yard Shooting Due to 'Guns Loose in Society' Says Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (Video)

Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the non-voting delegate representing the District of Columbia, said that the Navy Yard shooting happened because of "all these guns loose in the society."

During a press conference yesterday, Holmes stated, "We’ve not had a day like this since 9/11 for good reasons,” noted Mediaite.com (video below).

After being asked how the shooting compared to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Holmes replied: "Only in the number of victims. There is no indication this was a terrorist event, but I hope we all understand that with all these guns loose in the society, it doesn’t take a terrorist to do what was done here today."

Open and concealed carry of a handguns, rifles, or shotguns in Washington D.C. is prohibited, unless someone has a valid registration to carry a firearm in their home or place of business.

However, people can buy guns freely in neighboring Virginia, about five munites away.

Source: Mediaite.com


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