Gov. Bobby Jindal's Call For Twitter Questions Backfires

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Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana's presidential Super PAC asked people to tweet questions to be asked to the 2016 presidential candidate tonight at a town hall in Iowa.

According to, the hashtag #AskBobby received thousands of questions, including:

#AskBobby when you say you don't support immigrants do you include your parents ?

Which spice girl is your favorite and if you had a chance, what laws would you pass to oppress them for having a uterus? #AskBobby

@BobbyJindal Who on your team thought a Twitter Q&A wouldn’t open your awful ideas to mockery, and when will you fire them? #AskBobby

Are you transracial? Nice tan, by the way. #AskBobby reports more of the tweets included:

How does it feel to sell your soul for political gain and yet not gain anything politically? #AskBobby

#AskBobby How many Robertsons will serve in your WH cabinet and will you start pardoning ducks instead of turkeys at Thanksgiving time?

If you're not a scientist when it comes to global warming how are you a doctor when it comes to women's reproductive systems? #AskBobby

#askbobby Can I have your stuff after the Rapture?

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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