Gov. Bobby Jindal's Call For Twitter Questions Backfires

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana's presidential Super PAC asked people to tweet questions to be asked to the 2016 presidential candidate tonight at a town hall in Iowa.

According to Mediaite.com, the hashtag #AskBobby received thousands of questions, including:

#AskBobby when you say you don't support immigrants do you include your parents ?

Which spice girl is your favorite and if you had a chance, what laws would you pass to oppress them for having a uterus? #AskBobby

@BobbyJindal Who on your team thought a Twitter Q&A wouldn’t open your awful ideas to mockery, and when will you fire them? #AskBobby

Are you transracial? Nice tan, by the way. #AskBobby

RawStory.com reports more of the tweets included:

How does it feel to sell your soul for political gain and yet not gain anything politically? #AskBobby

#AskBobby How many Robertsons will serve in your WH cabinet and will you start pardoning ducks instead of turkeys at Thanksgiving time?

If you're not a scientist when it comes to global warming how are you a doctor when it comes to women's reproductive systems? #AskBobby

#askbobby Can I have your stuff after the Rapture?

Sources: Mediaite.com, RawStory.com
Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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