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Gov. Bobby Jindal Tells Immigrants To Learn English, 'Get To Work!' (Video)

Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana announced today that he was running for president, and took several swipes at immigrants during a speech to cheering supporters.

According to, Jindal stated (video below):

We cannot allow people to immigrate to our country so that they can use our freedoms to undermine our freedoms. That’s exactly what has happened in Europe, where they have second and third generations of immigrants who refuse to embrace the values and culture of the countries they have moved into. We must not let that happen here.

Jindal didn't given any specific examples regarding Europe, nor did he explain how he would prevent this type of immigration.

Jindal also wasn't able to give any examples of his immigration enforcement when he was interviewed by Fox News host Megyn Kelly in March.

Jindal added:

It is not unreasonable to demand, if you want to immigrate to America, you must do so legally, you must be ready and willing to embrace our values, learn English, and roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Jindal, who signed an executive order on May 19 to help protect businesses that discriminate against gay people in Louisiana, slammed President Obama on June 19 for signing "unconstitutional illegal executive orders" on immigration, noted (video below).

When pressed on whether or not he would repeal President Obama's executive orders on immigration (DACA and DAPA), Jindal said, "Absolutely. All these illegal unconstitutional, unilateral executive orders need to go away."

Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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