Gov. Bobby Jindal Caves On Gay Marriage After Defying U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last Friday that same-sex marriage was legal in all 50 states.

Most states immediately followed the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court as the Supremacy Clause in U.S. Constitution gives the high court power over lower court rulings.

However, Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said on Wednesday night that the State of Louisiana would follow its (unconstitutional) ban against gay marriage from 2004 until U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman ruled on the issue, notes The Times-Picayune.

Feldman ruled today that Louisiana's ban on gay marriage was overturned (by the U.S. Supreme Court), and that Louisiana will have to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples from outside the state.

Gay couples are also allowed to adopt children together, appear on birth certificates of kids and file joint taxes, according to Feldman's ruling.

Mike Reed, Jindal's spokesman, said today, "This order directs the agencies to comply and all questions about processing benefits should be directed to them."

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday to concur with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling last Friday.

Forum for Equality Chairman Chris Otten said in an emailed statement to The Times-Picayune:

The Fifth Circuit and the District Court both spoke clearly and unequivocally: these political shenanigans must cease and desist immediately.

Our counsel will shortly be moving for attorneys' fees, which the district court ruled it will award, and the more that Governor Jindal needlessly delays, the more this will cost the state.

Olivia Hwang, spokeswoman for the state Department of Vital Records in New Orleans, said today:

Today the Eastern District Court of Louisiana ordered the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples who complete a marriage application at the Department's Office of Vital Records in Orleans Parish.

However, The Times-Picayune notes, "Every other marriage license office in the state began doing so earlier this week."

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Image Credit: Gage Skidmore


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