Couple Doesn't See Anti-Obama Noose and Empty Chair as Hateful or Racist


Laura Mulholland and her husband, Kevin just cannot understand why a homemade political display in her yard in which a chair is suspended from a tree by a noose, with a bayonet and rifle stuck in the side of the chair — a reference to President Obama is hateful or racist.

“It’s been there for a month,” said Laura Mulholland on Tuesday when asked about the display outside her house at 3005 40th St. S.W in Rochester MN ”I’m not sure why everyone is up in arms about it.”

Mulholland,  said she saw photos of empty chairs on the conservative political blog Power Line, as well as on Facebook and The idea for the bayonet came from Obama’s comment about “horses and bayonets” in the third debate with his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.  She said the display isn’t meant as a direct threat to President Obama.

Perhaps it’s not a threat, but it certainly has the impact of a hate-motivated display, said W.C. Jordan, president of the Rochester branch of the NAACP as well as the Minnesota/Dakota Area State Conference president.

City officials in Rochester have remained silent and have not issued any statement about the display.

I mean everyone “displays” their empty chairs by hanging them by a hangman’s noose from a tree with a knife through them.

Gosh, what could be hateful or racist about that?

But the scariest thing is that these inbred idiots know how to make a noose.


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