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Conservatives Have Mixed Reactions On Jeb Bush's Presidential Run

Former Republican Governor Jeb Bush of Florida announced that he is running for president today, but the reaction from conservatives was mixed.

Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin tweeted: "Where they stand: The Big Three and the rest ... Bush showed in speech why he is among the Big 3."

Rubin was referring to Bush's speech at Miami Dade College in Florida where he announced his run for the presidency, noted CNN.

William Kristol, editor of the National Review and a strong supporter of Sarah Palin in 2008, tweeted: "Time for Democrats to panic. They can now see that even Jeb--probably not the strongest GOP candidate--is clearly better than Hillary."

Bush tweeted today: "That will be my goal as president – four percent growth, and the 19 million new jobs that come with it."

But right wing radio host Laura Ingraham tweeted back: "Love the hope for 19 million new jobs--but how many will go to Americans?"

Ben Shapiro, a conservative writer, tweeted: "Jeb's pre-written speech elided both Common Core and immigration. But he only truly got animated while off-script for immigration reform."

Todd Starnes of Fox News also slammed Bush:

There are a disturbing number of unanswered questions surrounding what a Bush White House would look like. First and foremost, the former governor's position on the illegals. By all accounts, he seems to favor what looks very much like amnesty.

…And then, there's Common Core. In the past he's called criticism of Common Core "purely political" and "troubling."

Folks, Common Core teaches kids to hate America.

…So here's the bottom line. If you want a president who defends the illegals and supports an education system that makes our children stupid, then you can vote for the Democrat, or Jeb Bush.

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Image Credit: Michael Vadon


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