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Audio: American Family Association Claims Democrats Plot to use Christmas to Pass Agenda

Christian conservative American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios (pictured) recently claimed that Democrats intentionally plan legislative votes around the Christmas season because conservatives are too busy celebrating the holiday to fight back (audio below).

Last week, Rios recalled the 2009 Senate Christmas Eve vote to pass Obamacare. She also claimed that the "left" in Illinois are trying to legalize gay marriage in January 2013, which is proof of this supposed Christmas plot, reports

Rios said: "Now, interestingly enough the same tactic is being employed in Illinois in a very different way. When we come back in January we will discuss this. Suddenly, as of last Friday, gay activists in Illinois want homosexual marriage in Illinois, they want it. So it looks like a vote will take place, are you ready? Sometime between January 2nd and 9th. So pro-family forces are trying to gear up, guess what time of year this is? Guess what weekend this is?"

"The weekend before Christmas when churches are doing special programs, music, pastors are preparing profound sermons as an outreach to the community; this is what Christian people who care about Christmas being the same ones who are concerned about implementing homosexual marriage. This is how they win their battles."


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