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Woman Spends 4 Days In Hospital Because Of Skinny Jeans

An unidentified woman, 35, reportedly spent four days in a hospital from physical complications caused by wearing skinny jeans.

The incident was recently published as part of a study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

KFOR notes that the woman was helping a relative move, which involved squatting for long periods of time.

However, as the woman was walking home, she felt her feet going numb and fell.

She was on the ground for about four hours until paramedics arrived, notes the Daily Mail.

The woman's skinny jeans had to be cut off by medical personnel because the clothing was so tight that it obstructed blood flow and caused her calves to swell up.

After four days in a hospital with IV fluids, the woman was able to walk again by herself.

Sources: Daily Mail, KFOR
image Credit: Dion75e


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