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VA Clinic In Georgia Reportedly Turns Veteran Away (Video)

Iraq War veteran Chris Dorsey says he was recently told by an employee at a Veteran's Affairs clinic in Oakwood, Georgia, that the clinic was not accepting new patients.

Dorsey recorded the incident on his cellphone (video below).

After about a five-minute wait, Dorsey tells the employee that he needs to transfer his care from a VA in Athens, Georgia, but the employee replies, "We're not accepting any new patients ... not this clinic."

The employee doesn't offer Dorsey any options for his future treatment, notes USA Today.

Dorsey was trying to get help for his post-traumatic stress disorder at the outpatient clinic.

"It's devastating for me to go in to two places and say I'm here to get help and they are essentially saying 'I'm not going to help you,'" Dorsey said.

Dorsey told Fox News (video below) he previously went to a VA clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which turned him away and gave him a flyer for a VA clinic in Atlanta.

Dorsey had his cellphone camera rolling when he went to the Oakwood clinic because some of his family members were in disbelief regarding Lawrenceville.

In response to the Oakwood incident, VA spokesman James Hutton said:

"VA staff should have established a full understanding of Mr. Dorsey's medical situation and determined if an appointment was available for him at another location or if he was eligible for the Choice Program and could be seen outside of VA. The message Mr. Dorsey was given, as seen on the video, is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

Hutton added that the Atlanta VA Medical Center, about 50 miles from where Dorsey lives, will follow up with him.

Hutton also stated: "At VA, we know that we must improve our service to veterans and that is precisely why Secretary (Bob) McDonald began MyVA, a reorganization of the department with the singular goal of placing the veteran at the center of everything we do."

(Note: Dorsey approaches VA employee on 6:40 mark.)

Sources: USA Today, Fox News / Image credit: Fox News Screenshot


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