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Two Oklahoma Kids Are Seizure-Free Since Using Medical Marijuana (Video)

Republican Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma signed a bill last month that allows kids, who suffer from seizures, to use a form of medical marijuana: cannabis oil (CBD).

The bill was named “Katie's Bill” after Katie Dodson, who turned 11 years old on Thursday (video below).

Katie, who suffers from seizures due to a rare form of epilepsy, had to ingest numerous legal prescription drugs that were so strong she could barely speak.

However, since Katie started using CBD oil in May, she has experienced a dramatic change.

Her mother, Kelli Dodson, told News9 that Katie can now talk in sentences, react faster, sleep completely through the night and has not had a seizure for more than a month.

Another Oklahoma child, Robert Boren, has been taking CBD oil for his seizures and has also been seizure-free with a clean EEG (brain scan).

According to The Oklahoman, Fallin approved CBD on a trial basis for children who suffered from strokes and seizures in 2014.

Fallin opposes legalizing the recreation use of marijuana, or medical marijuana for other uses.

Sources: News9, The Oklahoman
Image Credit: News9 Screenshot


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