Teen Boy’s Prosthetic Arm Stolen by Thief (Video)


Sammy Luther, 16, was born without a left arm and hand, but has been using a $95,000 prosthetic arm since last year.

“It was very important to me. It helped me out with a lot of things, especially carrying around books. It helped me a lot,” Sammy told CBS Chicago (video below).

Sammy's mom recently drove him to an acting lesson in Chicago, but she forgot to lock the car door. The teen told ABC 7 that he left his bionic arm in the car because the internal battery had died.

“It’s another hurdle that life has thrown at us, and I’m disappointed that someone would be jiggling car doors and see that in there and take it,” Sammy's dad Derrick Luther told CBS Chicago. “I’m not looking at prosecuting anyone or filing charges. If the Chicago police does, I have no control over that. I just want the arm back.”

Fortunately, the family has insurance, which is going to pay for most of the missing arm.

Sources: CBS Chicago, ABC 7


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