Pro-Life Groups Stop California's Right-To-Die Bill For Terminally Ill Adults

California's right-to-die bill, SB 128, looked like it was going to pass, but was recently blocked at the last minute by heavy lobbying from religious and pro-life groups.

SB 128 would have allowed mentally competent, terminally ill adults to get a prescription from a doctor to end their lives on their own terms.

However, SB 128 didn't have enough support from a few Democrats to move from the Assembly Health Committee to the Assembly floor for a full vote.

Democrat Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego would not support the bill because of her mother's battle with breast cancer, noted the San Jose Mercury News.

Gonzalez said on Tuesday:

I'm uncomfortable based on the experiences of my mom, who died of terminal illness.

I'm uncomfortable based on the impact this will have on poor people in a health care system that cuts corners in the name of costs, and I'm uncomfortable with the way suicide could be viewed across society, not just the terminally ill.

However, there is nothing in the bill that targets poor people or promotes the denial of care for low income people.

Gonzales didn't mention how California's Medi-Cal program delays people's health care and denies basic tests, noted the San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News.

Gonzalez and other Democrats were reportedly lobbied to oppose SB 128 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Without SB 128, Californians with a terminal illness will be forced to suffer against their will or move to another state as Brittany Maynard, a terminally ill mom, did in 2014.

The Associated Press notes that Maynard, who suffered from inoperable brain cancer, had to move to Oregon in order to legally get a life-ending medication from a doctor.

Maynard's family played a video (below) for California lawmakers that she made before her death supporting SB 128, noted ABC7 San Francisco.

Maynard's mother told state legislators, "Dying is not negotiable. How we die is."

Focus on the Family's political arm CitizenLink did a victory lap this week on Facebook after SB 128 failed:

In a MASSIVE victory for disability rights advocates and pro-family citizens, California’s "doctor-prescribed-death" legislation is off the table for the rest of the year!

California Family Council, California Family Alliance, and our partners at the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide (CAAS) have worked relentlessly to expose the inherent dangers to physician-assisted suicide.

CitizenLink, which claims to be pro-life, also opposes Obamacare even though it has provided health care coverage for about 16 million Americans.

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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