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Nicole Daedone Teaches Meditation to Orgasm

Nicole Daedone is the founder of orgasmic meditation centres called "OneTaste."

Daedone thinks that an orgasm is a fundamental connection between people, "hormonally, emotionally and spiritually."

Daedone claims that her classes focus on this rather than the goal of achieving orgasm, notes the Daily Mail.

She says the practice is similar to Buddhist Tantric sex, which tries to extend the peak. Like conventional meditation, her "oming" affects the same parts of the human brain.

OneTaste organizes "om circles," in which a group practices orgasmic meditation.

Dr Pooja Lakshmin, an associate researcher at a Rutgers University,  says: "The same parts of the brain that are activated during deep meditative states get activated during orgasm."

Daedone founded the OneTaste centres after a tantric experience at a friend's party.

Oming classes might seem strange to many people, but Daedone recalls Yoga was unusual in the West 30 years ago, but it is now common and orgasmic meditation could become usual activities too.

Daedone established the first OneTaste in San Francisco and now has 10 centres across the world.

Source: Daily Mail


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