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New Phone App Warns You Of Sick People, Diseases Nearby

A new app promises to inform users of diseases that are trending in their area.

The HEALTHYDAY app, available at iTunes, uses an algorithm that gathers information that has been crowd-sourced from participating doctors' offices, social media and app users themselves, notes Mashable.

The app also issues "illness alerts" to give people time to take precautions and avoid local illnesses.

HEALTHYDAY also offers "30 Second Solutions" for medical issues and preventive care tips to save people from searching for answers (possibly false ones) on the web. However, Mashable notes that the tips are sponsored by drug companies.

Denice Torres, president of McNeil Consumer Healthcare, said in a press release:

HEALTHYDAY is a great example of our commitment as a company to go beyond the pill to provide support and relief to the consumers we have the privilege to serve. Our goal is to truly make a difference in peoples' lives – by helping them feel better and to get back to their daily activities. HEALTHYDAY puts health information in the consumer's hands to help them more easily manage seasonal symptoms.

Speaking of apps, the Opposing Views app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Download it today to get the latest news.

Sources:, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Mashable
Image Credit: Product Image


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