Video: Colonel Oliver North Gives Grandsons Shotguns When They Turn 12

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit Saturday in Washington D.C., Col. Oliver North said he’s going to give his newborn grandson a shotgun on his twelfth birthday, which is a tradition in his family (video below), reports 610wiod.com.

North said: “A newsflash! Just an update on that biography, number 13 arrived yesterday … and it’s our ninth grandson. I give all of our grandsons, not when they’re born, but a little bit later because their moms insisted on it, I give each one of them three presents. The three presents are a shotgun, a bible and a note with a compass attached to it.”

“I say that if you learn to use all three, the shotgun, the bible and the compass, you will never be lost, you will never be hungry and you need fear nothing, but you must learn to use all three. So number thirteen will get his when he turns twelve.”

North, who was introduced as an 'American hero" at the podium, was one of the figures in the Reagan Administration's Iran-Contra arms scheme. North admitted that he lied to Congress and shredded documents. He was later convicted of three felonies, but received a suspended sentence.


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