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Texas And South Carolina Trying To Attract Gun Manufacturers

Two firearm manufacturers that are possibly leaving Connecticut because of tighter gun regulations are trying to decide where to relocate. The two states that are the heavy favorites to attract PTR Industries and Stag Arms are Texas and South Carolina. The two states are both strong supporters of Second Amendment rights and both have major incentives to lure the companies.

There are 308 jobs up for grabs and by getting PTR Industries or Stag Arms to relocate, that states could potentially establish themselves as landing locations for other displaced gun manufacturers. By attracting either of the two companies, the states would also become logical places for gun suppliers to set up shop.

Area Development magazine ranks Texas as the No. 1 state and South Carolina No. 2 in overall business environment.

PTR Industries was recently visited by South Carolina Rep. Alan Clemmons. Following Clemmons' trip to Connecticut, PTR company officials took a trip to South Carolina.

"Alan was one of our hosts and he wanted to come up and visit," said Josh Fiorini, PTR's chief executive officer.

On his Facebook page, Clemmons criticized Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's "knee-jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy.” Clemmons said he is trying to throw a "lifeline" to Connecticut businesses.

Don’t count Texas out of the mix.

When PTR Industries made its probable plan to move public, Texas Gov. Rick Perry quickly went on the record saying he wanted the company in Texas. He also introduced himself to Stag Arms’ CEO Mark Malkowski at a gun convention, The Kansas City Star reported.

Malkowski said he has made no decision on whether to relocate.

"We're still listening to the different representatives that are coming," Malkowski said.

He added: “Gov. Perry is very persuasive.”

Sources: The Kansas City Star, Republican American 


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