Stoney Creek Man Shoots Himself In Chin While Taking Off Pants

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A man from Tennessee accidentally shot himself in the chin Sunday while taking off his pants, according to the Carter County Sheriff’s Department.

William Rood was found bleeding from his mouth and nose when police arrived to his Stoney Creek house Sunday night, per Deputy David Caldwell.

Rood told Caldwell he had a .25 caliber Baretta pistol in the right front pocket of his pants. The 69-year-old took his pants off and placed them on his dresser. The pistol went off and shot Rood was shot in the chin.

The bullet was still in Rood’s neck when he was found, according to the Johnson City Press.

Captain Jeff Markland of the Sheriff’s Office said Rood told authorities he had other things in his pocket that may have caused the gun to go off.

Markland offered people tips of how to avoid accidents like these – pantless or not.

“You just need to be familiar with that weapon and make sure a thing like this can’t happen. If you carry one in your pocket, make sure it’s on safety and make sure that it can’t be discharged,” he told WCYB.

Rood was taken to nearby Elizabethton Airport, where he was transported by helicopter to the Johnson City Medical Center. He is listed in stable condition, the station reported.

Sources: Johnson City Press, WCYB-TV


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