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N.C. Sheriff Shoots Deputy in Stand-Off With 19-Year-Old Criminal

A North Carolina sheriff shot one of his deputies during a hostage crisis which also lead to the death of a police K-9.

Davie County deputies were trying to serve a warrant to a dangerous criminal, 19-year-old Nicholas Schott Tilley, who was wanted for Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Burglary, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon Inflicting Serious Injury, according to WLTX. Tilley took two hostages and ran to a nearby house. He reportedly called his probation officer and said he “would shoot police officers and kill people."

The officers negotiated with him and he released the hostages unharmed.

But that wasn’t the end of the drama.

"Finally the two hostages were released, officers could see the suspect and attempted to take him into custody when he opened fire on the officers,” said Chief Deputy JD Hartman.

The officers, including a K9 called Gorky, went into the mobile home to get Tilley.

“When the canine went into the house, the man disappeared into another room, and shots were fired,” Stokes said. “We were right behind the dog.”

During the melee, County Sheriff Andy Stokes opened fire and accidentally shot Deputy Chris Fleming in the right shoulder. Tilley also fired eight shots, so it was initially unclear who had hit whom.

Gorky died at five years old after being shot three times by Tilley. Fleming is in stable condition.

As for the suspect, "He came out and surrendered. He is in the Davie County Jail," according to Hartman.

Sources: WLTX, News & Record


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