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Ebony Jackson Found in Car with Apparent Gunshot Wound

The search for missing mother Ebony Jackson came to a tragic end on Tuesday. Jackson was found in the trunk of her car, four days after her three-month-old son was discovered, abandoned but unharmed, in a Breckenridge Hills, Mo., apartment complex. 

Authorities were able to find her 2004 Mitsubishi Galant by activating the vehicle's GPS tracker system.

Jackson, 30, left the Oklahoma City home she shared with her son's father, Craig Prom, last Wednesday. According to Jackson's cousin, Tondra Mosley, Jackson left a note behind for Prom saying she needed space.

Mosley told police Jackson traveled to St. Louis to visit relatives. On Thursday she made plans with her mother, Stella Jackson, to visit the following day. When Friday came the family didn't hear from Ebony.

Today police report Jackson appears to have suffered a gunshot wound near her ear, but they are waiting for the autopsy to confirm the cause of death. St. Louis Police Capt. Michael Sack  confirmed in a press conference that Jackson's body showed signs of trauma.

While in her youth, Jackson suffered from a brain tumor, but her family insists she made a near 100% recovery -- and only occasionally suffered bouts of confusion.

“This was an only child to her mother, and now there is a baby with no mother after only three months of giving birth. For her life to be taken like this; what makes a person want to take the life of another person? What makes you go that far? What was the gain? What was the purpose?”  Mosley questioned.


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