Sugarland May be Sued for Stage Collapse

Publish date: reports that country music stars Sugarland (Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush) have been accused of “gross negligence and/or recklessness” by the family of Jennifer Haskell, who was killed when a stage roof collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in August, right before the band took the stage.

22-year-old Haskell was in the front row with her best friend Alina Bigjohny; both were crushed. Bigjohny died that night and Haskell passed away six days later. Seven people died and over 40 were injured.

This week, in a legal notice, Haskell's parents and sister named at least 15 entities as responsible parties including "the band known as 'Sugarland, and its members, agents and employees."

The notice states:"Haskell's injuries and wrongful death were the proximate result of the defendants' gross negligence and/or recklessness."

No lawsuit has been filed, only a notice of what could come as three different teams of professional investigators pour over the evidence of that day.

One piece of evidence is the Indiana State Fair Commission's one-page severe thunderstorm warning policy, which reportedly failed to include clear evacuation plans for the stage area.

According to state contracts, the Fair Commission and Sugarland agreed to "mutually determine" if a performance was impossible.


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