Students Balance Full-Time Work And School at Florida Gulf Coast University


Working multiple jobs and being a full-time student can sometimes leave Darren Thomas overwhelmed.

“I remember working one shift in the morning, going to school, working one shift in the evening and then having to come back to do a night shift for campus (recreation,)” Thomas said. “And that was overwhelming in itself.”

Thomas, a 22-year-old communication studies and public relations student at the Florida Gulf Coast University, works 11 hours per week at his school’s gym and 18 hours a week with a local nonprofit, according to News Press.

Thomas said he thinks managing both work and school is a matter of keeping himself on track.

“I have to find my balance within priorities and setting my priorities straight,” he said. “I’ve come to find that over the years, since my freshman year, if I don’t have my priorities right, usually my time management isn’t up to par.”

Michelle Yovanovich, vice president of student affairs at Florida Gulf Coast University, said she thinks some of the school’s students work two or three jobs to financially support themselves and others. She said sometimes students have to sacrifice school time and even take fewer classes to make up for their long work hours.

In recent years, donations to the Florida Gulf Coast University have dwindled, she added.

“Financially, many students now have to work to put themselves through school,” Yovanovich said.

Thomas said he has had to drop some of his time working to spend more time on school.

Source: News Press


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