Robin Gibb Wakes From His Coma

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Do you believe in miracles? Bee Gees' Robin Gibb (pictured here in February of this year) has woken up from his week-long coma and not only that, but the 62 year old is showing signs of recovery! 

He lapsed into a coma after contracting pneumonia during his fight with colon and liver cancer. His family has been constantly at his bedside during the ordeal. His wife Dwina says that he cried when she played Roy Orbison's 1962 song Crying. She and their children have been constantly playing music to him while he's been in the coma hoping to bring him back. It is believed that coma patients can actually hear all that is going on around them.

Robin lost his brother Andy Gibb, 30, in 1988 from a heart ailment and lost his twin brother Maurice in 2003 at aged 53 from a twisted intestine. 

He was thought to have been in remission from his cancer as recently as a month ago.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Robin and his family and wish him to have a complete recovery.


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