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Kanye West Investigated for Battery After Attacking Photographer in LAX (Video)

Kanye West got into an altercation at Los Angeles International Airport with paparazzi on Friday. He is now under investigation for battery after he allegedly wrestled one photographer to the ground.

A video released by TMZ shows how the incident unfolded. A rather unhappy looking Kanye leaves LAX, when paparazzi begin asking him questions.

"What's going on, man? ... You're a cool guy. ... Why can't we talk to you?" the cameraman asks, but an unamused Kanye doesn’t respond.

On July 12, Kanye said he never wants to speak with paparazzi, but this cameraman obviously thought he could change all that. He repeatedly tells Kanye he’s a cool guy, trying to pressure him into giving him an interview. Kanye’s temper begins to flare.

Just before he is about to get into a waiting car, he stops and turns to look at the guy.

"Kanye, c'mon. I don't want to fight with you," says the videographer. "Dude, seriously. I don't want to fight with you."

The cameraman backs away as Kanye approaches him.

“I told you don’t talk to me, right?” Kanye asked. "What you're trying to get me in trouble … so I'll have to pay you, like, $250,000."

Paramedics responded to the scene after the 2 p.m. attack. Los Angeles Airport Police said the photographer was taken to a local hospital.

Initially authorities said they were investigating the incident as a felony attempted robbery case, not assault, because they believe Kanye was trying to take the photographers camcorder. Now the LAPD says it has launched its own battery investigation.

Was the cameraman trying to get Kanye into trouble? Does Kanye appear to assault the man or is he just after the camera?

Sources: NY Daily News, USA Today


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