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Jason Patric Seeks Visitation Rights after Sperm Donation to Ex-Girlfriend

Jason Patric, best known for his role as Michael in The Lost Boys, is attempting to gain visitation rights to see his son, who was allegedly conceived after Patric agreed to be a sperm donor for his ex-girlfriend.

The sperm donor arrangement was made after Patric had broken up with his long-time girlfriend Danielle Schreiber, according to TMZ. Patic’s terms of the arrangement were for Schreiber to keep the insemination a secret and to never seek child support. Schreiber agreed, and gave birth to their son Gus in December 2009.

In 2011, however, the couple briefly got back together and Patric became attached to Gus before they broke up again in May 2012.

Patric later filed documents in a family court asking for 50/50 custody, but laws regarding artificial insemination dictate that Patric is not legally the father. The judge in this case did give sole custody to Schreiber, but also allowed Patric visitation rights.

Schreiber seems willing to allow Patric to visit according to TMZ, but does not agree with the judge’s decision to mandate visitation. The case will resume Wednesday afternoon in court.

A spokesman for Patric told MailOnline: “We are confident that the court will agree that both parties intended to, and did agree to have this child together; that Ms. Schreiber has publicly acknowledged Mr. Patric as the father and that his custodial rights will be upheld.”

The spokesman also said that the visitation ruling has already proved that Patric is more than just a sperm donor to the child now, and so feels that visitation rights will likely be upheld.


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