Did 'The Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Choose Fame Over Her Child?

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Emily Maynard is loving her stint on the reality show, The Bachelorette, so much that she has chosen fame over her daughter.  According to a “source”, Emily has always wanted to be famous.

She has dated well-known men including NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Jr. and hosted a talk show from the track in which she interviewed racecardrivers. “She always talked about how she wanted to be a big TV star.

Emily has said to have prepared for stardom by getting veneers and a breast enhancement and is already planning her next reality show.  Maybe a reality wedding?

What do you think?  Has Emily chosen fame over her daughter? Based on the show and the fact that she kicked a bachelor off the show for referring to Ricki as baggage, I think it’s safe to say that Emily’s daughter still comes first.


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