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Police Search For Armed, Polite Robber Who Made Sure Tied Up Victims Were Comfortable

Police in Contra Costa County, Calif., are searching for an armed robber, who was reportedly very courteous and apologetic to his victims.

The robber stole a car, jewelry and a debit card from a woman in Pleasant Hill Sunday night, according to KTVU-TV.

The victim says he knocked on the door of her home and politely asked for a woman named Priscilla. She told him there was no one there with that name.

He left and returned 20 minutes later with a gun and pushed his way into the 52-year-old victim’s home. When she looked panicked, he apologized.

“He put the gun in his pocket and kept telling me to calm down,” she said. “He kept apologizing for what he was doing.”

He said he wanted to tie up the victim, who was not named, and her 83-year-old mother. The elderly woman scolded the robber and he apologized emphatically.

He brought a television into the room so they would have something to do while tied up.

“He brought my mother Kleenex,” the victim said. “He wanted to bring her a chair. He made sure she had water and that she was comfortable.”

“The fact that he kept interacting with us actually scared me at times,” she added.

After the man left, she was able to call Pleasant Hill police.

She described the robber as a white male in his 30s, about 5'11 to 6-feet tall. He had an average build with a dark goatee or beard.

Investigators are currently searching for her 2013 Silver Volkswagen Passat, license plate number 6XYC377.

“It never even dawned on me that somebody would do something like that,” the victim said, warning that others may not be so lucky.

“Don’t open the door after dark without checking to see who it is first,” warned Police Lt. Dan Connelly. “If you don’t know who it is tell them to go away.”



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