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Police Bust David Lee Simpson for Threatening to ‘Gut’ Nancy Grace ‘Like a Deer’

A New York man who was reportedly obsessed with the Jodi Arias case was not happy with the way Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell covered her murder trial.

David Lee Simpson, 48, tweeted threats against the anchors in June, stating that he would tied them to a "tree naked and leave them to suffer all night" and then "slit their throats,” authorities said Tuesday. When he was arrested last week, it appeared he was in the process of carrying out those threats.

Police told the Corning Leader that Simpson was getting ready to “head south” and he had recently quit his job at an auto-repair shop, telling his boss he was going to leave the town of Bath, N.Y.

Simpson allegedly told one of his coworkers that he wanted to hang Grace from her feet and “gut her like a deer.”

Simpson was arrested during a July 17 traffic stop. Bath Investigator Heather Barry found an array of weapons and other troubling items in his vehicle. Simpson was traveling with several guns, ammunition, handcuffs, zip-ties, a knife, binoculars, and a police radio.

Arias was arrested and tried in the state of Arizona. She was convicted in May of the first-degree murder of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. Alexander was discovered in his shower five days after his death. He was stabbed 29 times, his throat was slit, and he had been shot in the forehead.

Grace and Velez-Mitchell didn't give flattering depictions of Arias. Velez-Mitchell is currently writing a book on Arias.

Simspon was also allegedly angry with a Phoenix woman who defended the newscasters.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio agreed with Bath authorities that it was entirely possible that Simpson was headed to do someone harm.

“This suspect was on his way south with enough weapons in his car to do serious harm to someone,” the Arpaio said in a statement. “Fortunately, we acted quickly enough, and in doing so, were able to stop him before anything could transpire.”

An Arizona grad jury indicted Simpson on three counts of computer tampering and two counts of stalking. He waved extradication and is being taken to Maricopa County today.

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