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Man Dumps Unconscious Homeless Teen On The Side Of The Street In Queens (Video)

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A man in New York won’t be charged for dumping an 18-year-old teen on the side of a street in Queens and driving away.

Surveillance video captured the unidentified man dragging homeless teen Safiya McLean out of a vehicle and leaving her on the street. Police identified McLean as the same young woman that was found on Saturday at around 12:30 a.m. in an incoherent state. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital in critical but stable condition.

According to reports, the man drove McLean to the intersection of 131st street and Jamaica Avenue and positioned her against a closed hardware store. He then sought the help of another person and asked them to call 911. He reportedly remained at the scene until paramedics arrived, then drove off without leaving his information.

“He pointed her out to make sure they knew where she was when they came up on the scene,” a police spokesperson said. “He said his entire intention was to render aide, but it ended up in a weird way.”

The man will not be charged for the incident.

The teen was reportedly suffering from sepsis and double pneumonia at the time she was admitted to the hospital.

Sources: PIX 11, New York Daily News, YouTube / Photo Credit:


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