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Huntington Beach Riot Suspect Likes His Wanted Picture on Facebook

A suspect in the California riots after the U.S. Open of Surfing last month was caught after he liked a police photo of himself posted on Facebook by the Huntington Beach Police Department last week.

Luis Enrique Rodriguez, 18, was tagged in a photo of 25 riot suspects by his friend. Rodriguez liked the picture and even shared it with his friends on Facebook. From there, police tracked him down and arrested him on suspicion of vandalizing police vehicles.

The teen from Anaheim allegedly wrote “f**k the pigs” on the side of police cars at the scene of the riot, police said on Facebook.

A second man, 18-year-old Niko Johnson, was arrested after he tweeted he was “Huntington Beach’s Most Wanted.”

After posting pictures of the suspects, Huntington Beach police arrested two more riot suspects, according to the department’s Facebook page. A 17-year-old in West Covina was arrested for damaging public toilets and attempting to tip over a public works truck. Anthony Abadier, 20, of Huntington Beach was arrested for smashing newspaper stands with his skateboard.

Sources:, MSN Now


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