Pit Bulls 6 Times More Likely to Attack Their Owners

Yep, you heard that right, six times more likely to attack their owners than any other breed. The Pit Disloyalty Phenomenon (PDP) has been known by the Dog Lobby for almost 25 years...The HSUS published an article analyzing Pit attacks in 1987. 

"Out of 143 Pit Bull attacks, 19 (13.3%) involved attacks on the owners; out of 135 attacks by other breeds' only 3 (2.2%) involved the owner."


This recent case covers a lot of territory with the pit apologists. First it shows that an owner was attacked by her loving and not abused pit bull. This was not a case of an irresponsible owner. Not only was the owner attacked in a most vicious way, but the pit continued "going pit" when the medical help and police arrived and had to be shot. There is a gruesome description of the scene in this link:http://waukesha.patch.com/articles/waukesha-man-jumps-fence-to-help-neighbor-in-dog-attack And this link shows Prince, the attacking pit bull, at the door, covered in his owner's blood, as though he was waiting for his fur mommy to let him in. Just another day for the genetics of the pit bulls. http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/124687014.html?page=4&viewAll=1#comments

Two year old Prince the pit bull, along with his mother, Sugar (7 yrs) just moved into 9,500 sq. ft home last November along with their owners. The home is owned by Michael T and Jennifer Holliman . They moved into a nice neighborhood in Waukesha, Wisconsin which, in 2006, Money magazine ranked 36th on its list of the "100 Best Places to Live", in the United States. The yard is enclosed by a 3.5 foot picket fence. Prince could easily scale it.

Both pit bulls were loved family pets according to family members. Prince and Sugar were evidently pretty quiet because some neighbors weren't aware dogs were living there. However, there was one incident on June 12 in which one of the dogs got loose and chased a child.

A neighbor with a baseball bat came to the owner's rescue, probably saved her life, and got bitten and needed hospital care himself. The owner's injuries required a flight for life helicopter.

One of the officer reports states that chunks of the victim/owner's flesh were found on the ground and the dogs were described as being in a frenzy.

When Prince looked like he was going to redirect a second time, police shot him as he was scaling the picket fence and a sedated Sugar was taken to the shelter.

On Tuesday, while fur mommy was putting Sugar in her kennel, Prince began to attack Sugar and then redirected onto his fur mommy. And didn't stop.

The neighbors do not want Sugar to come back to the neighborhood. The neighbors are extremely lucky that when this well cared for family pet "turned on" at that magic age of two years old, he flexed his genetic muscle in a big way, and attacked his owner rather than some innocent neighbors.

Six days later another attack on an owner.


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A Jonesboro woman is in critical condition at St. Bernards Medical Center after police say she was attacked by her own dog. According to the police report, the woman's pit bull apparently started fighting with another pit bull inside the home.

This is nothing new. Here is a case where a pit owner lost both of her arms in an attack by her own dog. These attacks are common place yet the pit apologists continue to talk in terms of the pit bull's loyalty factor. These attacks speak differently.


An Abilene-area woman remains hospitalized Friday in stable condition after both of her arms were amputated following an attack by one of her pit bulls.

A word of caution to those who own pit bulls, be afraid, be very afraid.

Thanks to www.cravendesires.blogspot.com and Snack Size Dog for their contribution to this piece.


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