Houston Man Jessie Johnson Recorded Beating Puppies By Neighbors (Video)

A Houston man is in hot water after his savvy neighbors used a cell phone to record him beating a litter of 10 puppies. Jessie Johnson, 28, is now facing a felony charge of cruelty to animals. His neighbors, Kristina Hernandez and Amanda Assali, became aware of what was going on after hearing the cries and howls of the scared young puppies. They looked out of their apartment and saw Johnson pulling puppies out from beneath his house and beating them with a wooden stick.

“The man just ran after them, went and grabbed them, threw them to the ground, beat them, and beat them, and then threw them to the side,” Hernandez said.

When police arrived, Johnson said he knew they were there because he had “spanked” the dogs. Johnson’s roommate, Daniel, said the dogs were being trained to stay out from under the house because of a flea infestation, The Daily Mail reported.

“As far as beating them I have no clue about that," Daniel said. "Training them yes, but beating no.” When he got a look at the cell phone video, Daniel called the behavior “a little too excessive.”

The 10 puppies are now at BARC, Houston's animal shelter. They are being checked over by a vet and will hopefully be made available for adoption.

“We’re hoping people will adopt these puppies because they're adorable and they really need a home that wants them,” Hernandez said.

The video is below:

Sources: The Daily MailKHOU


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