Young Woman Before And After Photos Airbrushed Beyond Recognition (Video)

It is no secret that models and celebrities get Photoshopped beyond all recognition in magazines and advertisements.

A time-lapse video that was recently released shows the big effect Photoshop can have on a woman’s body.

Huffington Post reports a video called “Body Evolution,” created in 2011 and resurfaced this week, reveals the full extent to which a person’s shape and face can be changed with a click of a mouse.

The video shows a young woman without makeup posing in a bikini, and her body is made slimmer within a few minutes, including her stomach, buttocks and thighs. Her makeup is made better using a tool, then her eyes are made wider, her lips fuller and her nose is refined, according to TVNZ.

Her body also goes through some drastic changes, with her shoulders raised and legs and arms made longer.

The clip was created by GlobalDemocracy.com and starts by showing the blonde woman in her natural state.

The site also released mandatory disclaimers on all photos of models that have been airbrushed. The site explains:

We all now know that seeing thousands of ‘perfect’ body types in the mass media is having negative affects on young girls and more. Airbrushing as a practice should be discouraged when it transforms otherwise permanent features on models. A ‘mandatory disclaimer’ to state that a model has had her physical body manipulated on a computer is a very simple step in the right direction to addressing the harm that we're causing.

Some models, like Erin Heatherton, are expressing concerns about the practice.

“I feel like it looks like someone else,” said the Victoria Secret Angel about her photos. “I guess it’s not fair ... You look better, but it’s a lie.”


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