Former Rivals Facebook & MySpace Together in "Mashup"

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ya think it will change things?


In a move that has been rumored for nearly a year, MySpace is now set to launch the ability for users to log in to its service using Facebook.

At a press event this afternoon, the two companies announced an expansion of their existing partnership that puts a connect with Facebook button on the MySpace homepage and enables a wide range of personalization and sharing features on MySpace.

Through a product the companies are calling “Mashup with Facebook,” users who login with Facebook (or connect their existing MySpace account to Facebook) will be able to pull in their likes and interests, which makes it easy for them to do things like connect with their favorite entertainers.

MySpace also has plans to integrate “Like” buttons across the site, meaning MySpace content like music and videos will start getting shared back to Facebook.

The move is significant for a couple reasons. First and most obvious, it’s official acknowledgment on the part of MySpace that Facebook has indeed become top dog in the social networking space, and it’s better to be with them then against them at this point.

Second, and more important as MySpace looks to turn itself around, it creates a huge new audience for MySpace’s content and affirms its focus on entertainment. Given the role Facebook and its News Feed increasingly plays as a traffic source for news and entertainment websites, this has potential to boost MySpace’s numbers significantly.


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