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'Yellow Jacket' Smartphone Case Turns Smartphone into Stun Gun (Video)

A new smartphone case called the "Yellow Jacket" can turn your smartphone into a stun gun.

The Yellow Jacket is not lethal, but can reportedly give the victim a chance to escape an attacker (video below).

Yellow Jacket, which sells for $140, harnesses the electricity in your smartphone and delivers 650,000 volts of electricity via two electrodes at the top of the case.

In contrast, a regular stun gun can deliver several million volts.

“The idea for Yellow Jacket came to us through a traumatic event, but now we’ve turned that thought into a reality,” co-inventor Simon Simon told CBS New York.

Co-inventor Seth Froom added, "We developed the Yellow Jacket to be able to take down a fully-grown aggressive adult male."

While stun guns are not legal in New York or New Jersey, another smartphone case called "Spraytect," which fires pepper spray, does not violate the law in those states.

However, the trick is aiming the pepper spray in your attacker's eyes.

“Just because you have something doesn’t mean you have trained yourself in how to use it,
“They’re definitely beneficial, but you have to learn what to do with it," said self-defense instructor James Sherman.

Source: CBS New York


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