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Yankee Stadium Bans the iPad

First Israel banned the iPad. Now Yankee Stadium has joined the list of the non-iPad friendly. Fans cannot bring the popular device into the Stadium. Instead, they actually have to watch the game.

It all started with a message on an Internet chat board, in which a woman said her iPad was denied entry to Yankee Stadium for a recent Red Sox-Yankees game. Eventually, she snuck it in under her jacket.

But Yahoo Sports got a hold of the story and looked into it. And it confirms that iPads fall under the Stadium's "no laptops" security policy. So you can bring iPads and laptops onto airplanes, but not into a baseball stadium. Interesting.

The team says it's a "security and safety" issue.

Major League Baseball says it's up to individual teams to decide if iPads are allowed in their stadiums. Yahoo Sports says the Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners and New York Mets are among the teams that allow iPads. Another reason to root for the easy-going Mets instead of the mean, rule-making Yankees. 


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